The following description and document were made available to this website by Kathryn Davis Burchell, daughter of Mr. Davis, with the hope that they may prove useful to those who are seeking more information about their family history. The original records are in the archives of the Caroline Historical Society.

Mrs. Burchell may be contacted by regular mail at P. O. Box 1, Bowling Green, VA 22427, by email or by phone at 804-633-9759.

Llyod R. "Jack" Davis

Llyod R. “Jack” Davis

Mr. Lloyd R. “Jack” Davis (owner of Davis Funeral Home in Bowling Green, Va.) was responsible under a government contract for removing the graves from the land which became Fort A. P. Hill and reinterring them. Two cemeteries were established for this purpose for those who wished their family members to remain buried in Caroline County. Mt. Lawn Cemetery near Woodford contains the graves from the black churches and Greenlawn Cemetery near Bowling Green has the graves from the white churches. Some graves were moved to other sites and, unfortunately, some graves were not moved at all because they were not marked and could not be found.

Additional Information provided by Marion Woodfork Simmons

The AP Hill grave document has been converted to a PDF file. Bookmarks were added to the Church Cemeteries, sections, and index. To view bookmarks after opening the document in Adobe Acrobat, click “View” from the menu bar, select “Navigation Panel” and “Bookmarks.” Click on the bookmark to go to a specific section.

The book contains the following sections:

  • Introduction was not part of the original document but was added at a later time.
  • Section I (not numbered) contains a map of the cemetery and a list of the graves in the cemetery.
  • Section II contains the date of the move, original location, location after the move, and headstone available for each grave.
  • Section III appears to be information on graves moved to private cemeteries. These pages did not copy well and are difficult to read.
  • Index contains all the graves listed in alphabetical order by last name. The first page number is the page where the original location of the grave is documented. The second page number is the page where the grave was located after it was moved.