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Preserving History With Our Stories

DC Fire Department Engine Company No 13 – February 1954

Current Research

I am seeking information on the experience of black firefighters during segregation and integration of the District of Columbia Fire Department (DCFD) (1919 – 1969). My immediate goal is to write an article for a historical journal. My long-term goal is to write a book.

In addition to historical information gathered from archival research, I want to preserve the memories of those associated with the DCFD during segregation and integration and collect photographs, memorabilia and ephemera that bring their experiences to life.

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Joyce Garrett, a retired District of Columbia Public School music teacher and choir director, is collaborating with Woodfork Genealogy LLC to write her memoir.

Eastern High School 2018 Mass Reunion Choir (Courtesy of Carlose Sellars Photography)

Union High Faculty

The purpose of the Union High History Project was to research, document, and preserve the history of Union High School in Caroline County, Virginia. Union High alums, faculty, family, and friends (Union High History Project Participants) shared their memories, school memorabilia, and ephemera. The project’s output is a book titled Memories of Union High: An Oasis in Caroline County, Virginia, 1903-1969.

Memories of Union High An Oasis in Caroline County, Virginia 1903-1969

Memories of Union High is available in several public and college libraries, including all branches of the Caroline County, Virginia, library system and the Central Rappahannock Regional Library. Visit worldcat.org for a complete list of libraries where the book is available.

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Memories of Union High

An Oasis in Caroline County, Virginia 1903-1969
By Marion Woodfork Simmons

Memories of Union High: An Oasis in Caroline County, Virginia 1903-1969, is the result of the Union High History Project. The book contains:

  • Historical information
  • Memories from alums, faculty, family, and friends
  • Excerpts from school newspapers and yearbooks
  • Over 100 photographs and other memorabilia

Memories of Union High is a fitting tribute to the people associated with Union High and a good history lesson for those unfamiliar with the school.

USA Best Book Awards Finalist
Indi Excellence Finalist Book Awards

AP Hill monument dedicated to 46 African-American slaves who lived, labored and died on the Royston plantation, now part of AP Hill.

The Caroline County, Virginia project provides access to valuable information for performing family history research in the county, including: The Freedmen’s Bureau, A.P. Hill Military Reservation, USO Highway Number 2 Club, Mount Lawn Cemetery, Caroline Community Cannery, Shiloh Baptist Church, and Zion Grove Baptist Church. It also includes other general and local resources.